Quality and Craftsmanship

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Emerald Delivers:

  • State-of-the art engineered design
  • Quality fabrication and construction
  • Highest grade materials, including hardwoods and tile
  • Superior fit and finish
  • Finest details and quality
  • Clean layout for ease of service

Our design and engineering team is focused on achieving perfection is everything. Every aspect of an Emerald coach, from the electronic systems to the fit and finish of our custom wood cabinetry, has been carefully engineered and selected to provide the highest level of quality.

For example, after your cabinetry is fabricated, it is pre-installed to check for perfect fit. Careful measurements are made, then the cabinetry is removed, modifications are made so the fit everywhere is tight and completely secure, and finally the finish is applied before the cabinets are re-installed. This delivers the best fit and finish quality possible, and the entire structure is stronger and free of squeaks or rattles.

All the steps in our production process are completed in-house – cabinetry, electrical, plumbing, upholstery – nothing is sub-contracted. This allows much tighter quality control for every step, with highly trained and experienced specialists for each step that make quality control easy to track.

We have invested in the latest state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your motorhome is built with detailed precision, including computer-controlled routers and sanders. But by no means is it all machine made; fine hand craftsmanship is involved as well, giving the finished product that special feel, warmth and glow that only the human touch can achieve.

Lightweight Framing Structure

After two years of research and engineering, Emerald Coach has developed a durable, lightweight structure that frames the interior of our motorhomes – the foundation for all of the interior fixtures and systems we create and install. The need for a strong yet lightweight structure to support cabinetry, fixtures and furniture led us to benchmark best practices in not only yacht design, but also aircraft and aerospace technology – industries that face similar engineering challenges..

The resulting solution not only helps minimize mass, but also helps to distribute the coach’s weight as close to the ground as possible, which lower’s the coach’s center of gravity for improved handling and roll-resistance. In addition, after an Emerald coach’s interior structure is crafted, this sub-frame serves as an ideal vehicle for the routing and mapping of wiring, plumbing, and HVAC componentry – resulting in an overall organization and simplification not found in most RV coaches.

This solution is industry-leading within the Prevost conversion community, where every cubic inch of interior space counts, and where weight management is such a critically important factor in optimizing fuel efficiency, vehicle handling and stability.