Service Network

Emerald X3 coaches are created by two of the finest specialty manufacturing organizations in North America – Emerald and Prevost. Each warrants and services the equipment and work that they put into your coach.

Emerald services all the interior equipment, components, materials and workmanship that are added to the Prevost shell to complete your conversion.

Prevost services everything that comes in the original Prevost shell: the powertrain, the chassis and structure, including slide-outs, and all chassis and body electric systems.

Emerald Service

Emerald service is as close as our 24/7 service hot line. If something goes wrong, just call that number – any time, anywhere. We will arrange to have the problem fixed, as quickly and with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

In addition, our telemetry system for diagnostics provides online data to service technicians, who can monitor your coach’s diagnostic information, and sometimes even fix electronic problems internet.

Our service team is the best in the business, all dedicated to making your experience with your Emerald coach enjoyable, comfortable and hassle-free. You will be treated like a member of the family.

Gus Garrison, Service Manager
888-675-8612 ext. 701

Prevost Service

The Prevost service network includes seven Prevost-owned Parts and Service Centers, partnered with more than 150 independent Affiliated Service Providers across the United States and Canada.

All of them are dedicated to efficiently fulfilling your needs, with convenient, one-stop locations for warranty work, maintenance, powertrain repair, and accident repair.

Prevost’s comprehensive warranty and Red Carpet Service Policy ensure confidence and peace of mind regarding your motorhome investment for years and miles to come.

To find a Prevost Parts and Service Center, or an Affiliated Service Provider, please click here